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  • Tooth Extraction

    As a part of our practice we offer dental extractions to our patients. Many people automatically assume that once they get a tooth ache, the tooth must be pulled but there may be options to help you keep the tooth. As part of a healthy mouth we want you to keep as many of your natural teeth as you can, if we are able to save your tooth we will do so. Of course, there are cases where teeth need to be extracted and that is the only option.

    At our office we offer multiple types of extractions

    1. Simple extractions
    2. Surgical extractions
    3. Complicated extractions
    4. Impacted teeth extractions
    5. Broken teeth extractions
    6. Decayed(un restorable) teeth extractions
    7. Wisdom teeth extractions

    When booking you in for extractions, we do ask to see you beforehand to ensure your extraction appointment goes smoothly. Whenever you are ready give us a phone call and schedule an exam with one of our dentists to make sure those teeth you feel need to be extracted, actually need to be extracted. During this visit we will require radiographs (x-rays) of teeth to be extracted so our dentists can see how the root sits.

  • Factors that may influence your extraction appointment:

    There are certain factors that may influence your extraction appointment at our office for example:

    1. If you are looking to have more than one tooth taken out at time for example all four wisdom teeth removal you may be interested in sedation options which may need to be approved by your doctor before your actual extraction appointment.
    2. You have a severe bend in your root which is also known as a dilacerations, these teeth can be complicated to extract so its best we know beforehand in order to advise you accordingly.
    3. Some patients with complicated medical conditions may require approval from their doctor before undergoing dental extractions, in which at least a few weeks’ time may be needed.
    4. If you are a nervous patient, we are able to talk to you and answer any concerns you may have before the day of your surgery, we can also discuss sedation options.
    5. If you have a current tooth infection, that tooth may be less likely to freeze and therefore the extraction may have to wait until the infection has healed.
    6. If you are interested in having full dentures and want the remaining teeth to be pulled, to assess appointment length and extraction difficulty coming in beforehand is best to ensure treatment goals are met.
    7. Depending on the complexity of the extraction, we may need to refer you to an oral surgeon.

    We are more than happy to advise our patients on which options work best for them and schedule them to see one of our dentists for further evaluation.


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