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  • Invisalign treatment is an alternative to traditional metal braces which are used to move and straighten teeth. Traditional metal braces consist of metal brackets placed on majority of the teeth with a metal wire to continue movement in both upper and lower teeth. Invisalign invisible braces may deliver the same results as traditional braces. The Invisalign aligner is made of plastic and is worn at all times except during eating and drinking. The see-through aligners make it hard to notice you're even wearing braces.

    How does Invisalign work?

    The Invisalign treatment consists of a series of aligners which will move your teeth over time. Upon initial assessment molds and radiographs (Xrays) and photographs will be taken of your teeth so that all areas of your teeth and mouth can be taken into consideration. Xrays are important to the Invisalign process as xrays help to identify any abnormalities or concerns under the skin and gums which may affect the movement of your teeth. For example you may have impacted teeth, like wisdom teeth, which in some cases may need to be taken out prior to invisalign for a number of possible reasons.

    Once we have obtained all important information, it is used to create a personalized digital animation of how your teeth will move and straighten out over the course of treatment, which at that point in time you would decide to go ahead with treatment. On average the course of treatment is 11 months. The aligners are changed every 4-6 weeks. The first aligner is carefully made to start the initial movement of your teeth and once the process has started the aligners are changed in a timely fashion to keep the movement of your teeth constant and steady until treatment is over.

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  • Length of Treatment

    Every person has different needs and different teeth. Depending on your case, the length of your treatment varies. The main factor that determines your length of treatment is how much movement you need. If your teeth are just a little crowded, your treatment will be shorter as opposed to someone who has more severe crowding.

    Am I Eligible for Invisalign?

    Invisalign is used to treat a number of different cases from minimal crowding to overbite and under bite cases. The best way to know if you are eligible for Invisalign is to set up a consultation with an Invisalign provider. This way you get advice on how to achieve the perfect smile for you. We understand you want to achieve a beautiful smile and that is why we are more than happy to help you book in for a consultation to answer all your questions and concerns. The consultation is a crucial step in determining eligibility and beginning the Invisalign process. We will assess a few things like how your teeth are spaced, rotated, the size of your jaw, how your teeth bite together and how Invisalign can benefit you. The Invisalign consultation is also provided so that you can express all questions and concerns you may have so that you feel confident in choosing Invisalign. Not everyone is eligible for Invisalign in which case we will give a referral to an orthodontist.

    How do I start?

    You can start your Invisalign process by booking a consultation. Once you have come in for your first visit, we will take care of the rest. Your consultation will be followed by the completion of ortho study records (OSR) which are sent to Invisalign to create your personalized treatment. We will keep track of your Invisalign schedule and when you need to change aligners while you track your progress and see the difference at every appointment.

    Invisalign Cost

    The cost for Invisalign is patient specific and depending on how much movement you need and length of treatment, your payment can vary. At Expressions Dental™ we are more than happy to assist you with your financial concerns, and set up payment options with you for your Invisalign treatment. Orthodontic Coverage from Insurance- We accept orthodontic coverage as non-assignment at our office, which means that your insurance company will pay you back directly for your Invisalign treatment. Provide us with your insurance information and we will obtain the details necessary to use your coverage for Invisalign. Payment Plans- At our office we do all we can to accommodate our patients including payment plan options. Upon approval of your Invisalign case we can help you set up monthly payment plans. Dental Financing- As we accept financial programs such as Medicard for general treatment, we do as well for Invisalign. Medicard must be applied for and approved before Invisalign treatment begins. Medicard allows you to receive the treatment you need without waiting and you are able to make payments directly to Medicard on a payment plan that suits you. For more information on Medicard Dental Financing please visit http://www.medicard.com Make your appointment for a consultation for Invisalign at (403)-252-7733