Understanding The New Dental Fee Guide

  • The new dental fee guide issued by Alberta Dental Association and College regulates dental fees charged to Albertans.

    What is the new dental fee guide all about?

    The dental fee guide released in 2017 is an effort to align fees with other territories in years to come.

    For the first time in 20 years, a one of its kind dental fee guide has been released by the Alberta Dental Association and College. The dental fees for general dental treatments are lower by 8.5% than the average rates in 2016.

    The guide will help in a number of ways:

    • Consumers will be able to choose their dentist
    • Dentists will be able to structure their fees moderately
    • Insurers will be able to determine coverage levels

    How to use the dental fee guide?

    Dental fee guide just suggests fair dental fees, following them is no compulsion. Dentists can use the insights from the guide to formulate their own fees. Thus, the fees charged by dentists may be different.

    This gives the power to choose a dentist in the hands of the customer. To solve your queries, the guide addresses:

    • Detailed explanation of dental procedures
    • The coding system used by dentists
    • Estimated fees for dental procedures

    This will also require an adjustment period as insurance companies and dentists will make necessary changes based on this guide. These fluctuations may cause some Albertans to pay higher.

    Just to be sure:

    • Compare your dental costs with dental fee guide
    • Request your dentist to send a pre-authorization to insurer
    • Ask insurance company about the amount covered and the extra that you may need to pay

    Expressions DentalTM Clinic adheres to the new dental fee guide for the convenience of its valuable patients.

    Questions you need to ask your dentist?

    • What dental treatments are best for me and why?
    • Do I need to undergo the treatments now, or can some of them be provided later?
    • Are your charges as per the fee guide? If not, what are your charges for the services?
    • Will there be any extra charges for diagnostic procedures and lab tests?
    • Are you open to answering my queries?


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