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Sedation Options For Dentistry Calgary

  • Sedation Options For Dentistry Calgary

    At Expressions Dental™ we understand dental fear and anxiety as we deal with it on a regular basis. Naturally, we would prefer to ease your mind without any type of sedation but we know that may not always be the case. Sedation options is available at our office for certain procedures.

    Oral sedation:

    Oral sedation options are available for patient who truly feel they are unable to proceed with dental work due to anxiety. Oral sedation must be in office and monitored by the dentist who approved it. Oral sedation is achieved by taking a small pill, approved by the dentist, in office, one hour before your appointment.

    Nitrous sedation:

    Nitrous sedation is also known as "laughing gas". Nitrous sedation is conscious sedation in which you remain awake and responsive for the entire procedure but you are in a more relaxed state.

    IV(intravenous) Sedation:

    Intravenous sedation is conscious sedation and is recommended for invasive procedures but also available for patients with high stress undergoing certain treatment. IV sedation is achieved through intravenous injection and is provided by Dr.D.Daviel who is certified to provide IV sedation. We also have a nurse monitoring you at all times. If you are considering sedation options for your upcoming dental visit, it is best to come in for a consultation before hand to approve the need for sedation and have everything ready to go the day of your procedure. For certain types of sedation we may also require a medical clearance from your medical doctor, which is mandatory to be approved before your procedure.

    Dr.Gill provides nitrous sedation.
    Dr.Li and Dr. Neerja provide oral and nitrous sedation.
    Dr.David provides nitrous, oral sedation IV sedation.

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