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Dental Crowns

  • Dental Crowns

    A dental crown is a restorative dental technique to restore missing, crooked and decayed teeth.

  • Why is a Dental Crown required?

    Naturally, teeth are very strong and can withstand vast amounts of pressure while we put them to use. Even though teeth are strong, due to decay, bacteria and other conditions we may require fillings or other dental work that can compromise the structure of our teeth. In many cases, a tooth will require a large surface filling meaning that the tooth has more damaged surface that needs to be restored.

    Once this surface has been restored, it is no longer our natural tooth but filling material. Teeth with large fillings are weaker simply because there is less tooth and more filling. These teeth are usually recommended to have “caps” or crowns placed over top to maintain the strength of those teeth. Crowns can be created in different materials such as porcelain which is the most common, metal or gold. Porcelain is the most popular due to the natural tooth color appearance it provides.

  • Shield the tooth from breakage

    These crowns are custom made in a laboratory to fit your tooth exactly and are fixed on to the tooth. The crown works to shield the tooth from breakage.

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  • Why you might want to choose a dental crown?

    1. Can be used for a variety of reasons including protecting weak teeth and to cover misshaped or discolored teeth.
    2. Different materials and prices to choose from.
    3. Crowns are durable, no change to your healthy eating and biting habits.
    4. Protect your restored tooth from breakage which could result in more extensive dental work

  • Some Disadvantages

    1. Tooth sensitivity which can result in requiring root canal treatment
    2. Healthy tooth structure may need to be removed