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Dental Care On An Emergency Basis

  • Have you ever experienced a sudden pain in your teeth or have woken up with a painful tooth? Depending on the condition, dental pain may arise suddenly and can be extremely uncomfortable. Along with our Crowfoot location, we welcome dental emergency patients at our clinic which is also called Expressions Dental™. At our office, we will do as much as we possibly can you ease you from any dental pain you are experiencing.

    What to do if you think you have a dental emergency?

    Check your symptoms:

    1. What kind of a pain is it? For example dull or sharp pain
    2. What area of the mouth is it in? For example the last tooth in the top right section of my mouth
    3. Is there swelling in the gum area or facial swelling?
    4. How long have you had these symptoms for?
    5. Is this the first time these symptoms are present for this tooth?

    By gathering this information before you give us a phone call we are able to comprehend the severity of every individual case in which we can book your dental treatment on emergency basis accordingly. The information you provide us which is crucial so we know what to expect. For example a patient may call in stating they have a tooth ache on a tooth that our dentist knows already needs a filling. We will book that patient in to come in for their filling and possibly a quick follow up visit before just to assess the area and make sure the patient is at ease.

    Now, let’s say a patient calls our office and explains to us that they have not had any dental treatment in the last 10 years and for the first time they have woken up this morning with the last tooth on the lower left broken, dull pain and a lot of facial swelling. In this instance we would confirm patient availability and have them in at their earliest convenience. In a case like this, with the information the patient has provided us we know this situation is more serious and needs immediate attention. Now both cases are some sort of dental emergencies but treated completely different which is why this information is crucial in providing you with optimal dental care.

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