Dental Services On An Emergency Basis

  • Assistance in a Dental Emergency

    At Expressions Dental™ you can be assured that as soon as you come in for any emergency dental situation, you are assisted by our dental staff. We try to provide dental treatment on an emergency basis on the same day under most circumstances. However, in the chance that you have a lot of infection and we are not able to treat you the same day then we will give you the required prescriptions and get you back as soon as your situation allows us to treat you.

    Dental practitioners at Expressions Dental Clinic understand that dental emergency can happen any time, so if it’s not attended on time then it can be really devastating for a patient’s dental health and life. That is why our dental team is available to provide you dental care in extended evening and weekend hours.

    Expressions Dental™ Clinic offers following dental procedures and services on an emergency basis:

    1. Tooth Extraction
    2. Root Canal Treatment
    3. Toothache Relief
    4. Abscess Treatment

    Contact us at (403)-252-7733 for any dental treatment and services on an emergency basis. Our dental team is available to assist you to advise you in alleviating your dental discomfort and problems.